MC3 Solutions Public & Commercial Work

When an HVAC system malfunctions it is easy to recognize that the heat or cold air conditioning is not working and a repair service is called. Other systems fail slowly and at a much less noticeable pace. These same systems are not typically checked until a failure occurs. Pipes backing up because of roots in a drain is a common call for plumbers and a good example of the slow failure of a pipe. The owner is unaware of the growing problem until there is a service interruption.

At MC3 Solutions we specialize in the unseen Infrastructure servicing most Urban Communities. Pipes carry fresh water to us, dirty water away, and storm water where it is controled; until they don’t and that’s where we can help.

Some common defect and repair examples include:

  • Road or Parking Lot surface repairs because of the soil and pipes below them.
  • Failing laterals exiting or within Commercial Developments.
  • Drain pipes inside area’s inaccessible to common tools due to concrete or utility duct bank coverage.
  • Storm Drains, Culvert Pipes, and reshaping detention ponds due to sediment and storm damage.
  • Failing sewer pipes due to age, chemical attack, or environmental wear.
  • Crumbling Manholes that need repair or replacement.

We will discuss your problem, investigate the root cause, and get the right solution proposed and installed within a timely manner.

We are able to provide these general repair types:

  • Cleaning and Televising Pipes for problem analysis.
  • NO DIG, or Trenchless Solutions
  • Pressure pipe cleaning and coating
  • Manhole Installation or Rehabilitation
  • Lateral Clean Out Installation
  • Leak Detection (exterior)
  • Special floor or chemical resistant coatings
  • Excavated repair and surface restoration
  • Gravity Pipe Cleaning and Liner Installation
  • Technical Reporting. We provide Engineering Services as well as Contracting Work

While we’re not on-call Plumbers serving Residential Residents we can recommend a few local Plumbers that we’ve partnered with.