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Construction Management

We believe in a “hands-on” approach to Construction Management, serving as an ally of the owner through independent evaluation of project costs, schedule, and overall construction performance, including similar evaluation of changes.

In addition, we develop and maintain solid, responsibility-based relationships with the project team, which ensures adversarial situations are avoided. By utilizing efficient and effective construction methods, our projects are built to the highest industry standards.

Engineering and General Construction

We provide our expertise in construction materials and methods, project scheduling, and cost control to oversee all phases of the design and construction phases, including:

  • Renewing existing building infrastructure for developers and owners
  • Industrial renovations and rehabilitations
  • Industrial facility maintenance and commissioning
  • Excavated utility replacement
  • Specialized pressure piping
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation:
    • Mainline
    • Sewer laterals
    • Manhole
    • Force main
    • Culverts
    • Process piping
  • Process chemical and water system upgrades

We self-perform work that requires specialized expertise including:

  • Demolition
  • Structural wood and metal framing
  • Finish carpentry
  • Interiors
  • Fabrication
  • Pipe-fitting
  • In-place tank erection
  • Millwrights
  • Roofing
  • Welding

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

The size and scope of your project or the type of building you need doesn’t matter, prefabricated steel buildings save you time and money without sacrificing quality, strength, or durability. Steel buildings go up faster and require less manpower to erect than wood frame buildings, saving you on labor costs. Since it is a manufactured product, there is less waste compared to traditional construction, so you save on material costs. Plus, steel buildings have a lower initial cost than traditional wood frame structures because the steel is lighter and costs less to ship than wood. Since steel buildings are fire-resistant, purchasing a steel building could save you up to 30 percent on your building insurance premiums.

Learn more about our Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.

When an HVAC system malfunctions it is easy to recognize that the heat or cold air conditioning is not working. Other systems fail slowly and at a much less noticeable pace. These same systems are not typically checked until a failure occurs. Pipes backing up because of roots in a drain is a common call for plumbers and a good example of the slow failure of a pipe. The owner is unaware of the growing problem until there is a service interruption.

At MC3 Solutions we specialize in the unseen Infrastructure servicing most Urban CommunitiesPipes carry freshwater to us, dirty water away, and stormwater where it is controlled; until they don’t and that’s where we can help. Learn more about our Public & Commercial work.

Government Capability

Learn more about MC3 Solutions capability: MC3-Gov

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At MC3 Solutions we specialize in the unseen infrastructure servicing most urban communities. We provide the highest quality, professional workmanship on all construction projects. Call us today to discuss a project.